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In the spirit of resolutions, a new year, etc. why not add creating a better version of yourself to the list. In today’s culture we’re always going, doing, seeing, everything is about the external gratification, but what is happening on the inside? We’re beginning to accept this sedentary lifestyle, in addition to poor eating habits. But how are you really becoming the best you while poorly nourishing your body?

By doing such we are merely neglecting our bodies and doing the exact opposite of what God has called us to, which is to treat our bodies as the temples he has created them to be. (1 Corinthians 6:19) Also, by living in this culture we are merely surviving we aren’t thriving, we aren’t even living, because we can’t truly experiencing life until we fully provide our bodies with the well-rounded diet and activity necessary for it to reach its optimal performance. When’s the last time you operated  in your full potential?

Ok so now I know your probably freaking out because how in the world are you going to make this drastic change in your health to unleash your hidden capabilities? Well I have good news, all you have to do is start! So, here are a tips on how to start your journey to a better you:

  1. Find your why! In the beginning of my fitness journey I set out with the goal to lose weight and obtain the desired physique I had been chasing for years. However, now I have fallen in love with learning more about my body and how to nourish my body to feel like the unstoppable child of God he has created me to be. Now I realize not everyone is this passionate about enabling their bodies to be it’s best version possible but if not for yourself then think of your children or the generations to come after them, do you want the same health habits that you have to relapse in their lives? What about the people around you? Are your habits what you want to see in the world? Your why should be something that will produce so much emotion that when it gets tough, it’s the only thing that keeps you going.
  2. Make It & Believe It: Set a goal and create a plan according to that goal. Don’t do something too unrealistic or something not well suited for you. You know your body, you know what works and if you don’t know what works then experiment with reasonable health habits until something does work. However, making a plan is great but if you don’t believe it will work you’re not going to stick to it. I am a firm believer that what you say and think has great power over what you do. If you think you have the power to stick to making better lifestyle changes then you will but why say you can’t if you haven’t even tried? Why speak down to yourself when your disappointed about an outcome? Maybe you should try a different method. The bible says,”Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about  what we do not see” (Hebrew 11:1 NIV) meaning that before you see a huge physical transformation of feel that inner potential unlock through all these great health benefits, you have to believe that you can. Faith needs action. Combine your belief with your actions to activate your results.
  3. Take it at your pace: Whether that be slow, faster, incrementally, vastly, take this journey at your own pace. Don’t look over to the left and right and begin comparing your experience or journey to someone else’s. You are in control, order your own steps on how you want to finish this marathon called life; you can run, walk, crawl, two-step, it doesn’t matter as long as you’re going. Set your goals, believe them, do them and take it at your pace.
  4. Get Accountable: Talk about it! Tell your friends, tell your family, post it on social media, join a fitness group in your community! This is going to help you stay committed because not only are you now expecting a change within yourself but now others are waiting to see a change. Also, your journey could inspire someone else to begin theirs. That’s certainly the way it happened for me, after I became a fitness coach and I began to share the details to my fitness journey, I began to see a wave of change in the lives of people around me. It was amazing! From close family members to people I hadn’t talked to since middle school, people were reaching out to me telling me I inspired them to merely start. That’s one less diabetic, one less cancer patient, and many more years on their lives. That’s what God wants when he says things like “Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17) He used me to reach the lives of others and he certainly wants to use you too. So be real and talk about your journey because you never know who may need to hear your story.
  5. Guard your Aura: Only allow positive thoughts, words, and actions to enter your environment. Functioning in dysfunction is a lot more difficult and most times it’s unnecessary. Don’t allow others negative mindset to make you stumble. In the words of the great philosopher Kendrick Lamar, have the mindset that “they won’t take me out my element”. Stay focused on what you’ve set out to achieve and never stop chasing it. When you begin to think negatively replace those things by speaking positively over the subject. You have the power of life or death in your tongue. What you think and say is going to correlate to what you do. And we know what you do will determine the type of results we get.
  6. LOVE YOURSELF: this by far is the most crucial point to your success. If you don’t love yourself during this process you’re not going to see any necessity of bettering yourself. But if you know your worth, respect yourself, and love yourself you’re going to understand that you want to eat healthier because your body deserves it, not as punishment for not working hard enough for it. And you’re going to want to find better ways to take care of your body. In this single life that God has granted us we only get one body, one temple, and when you look back will you be able to say you took care of yours? Not for others but out of self-love and for his glory and honor. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to know you’re worth it.

With that I hope that you all are able to utilize these tips and take control of your health to lead to a better version of yourself and fully live life!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns please feel free to leave a message below or message me on instagram at: @heyitsfaith3

God Bless 🙂

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